barley grass

Barley Grass

Please follow and like us: I have never been keen on grasses in my own garden. I have spent so  much time removing them from the borders I think that put me off.  However having seen the movement grasses can create either as part of a mixed border or in a border dedicated to grasses…. Read More

Non Alcoholic Mojhita

Non Alcoholic Mojita

Please follow and like us: The weather this year has been a varied to say the least.  But if your have the chance to relax in the garden and  look out over the fruits of your labour you might want to try this recipe for a non alcoholic mojita.  This recipe is from a colleague who mixed… Read More


Around the Garden July

Please follow and like us: Its July already and half the year is gone.  The garden is looking good but there are a lot of projects in the garden that I haven’t yet had time to complete.  The front garden being the main one.  Other than planting the hedge the front garden is still completely bare…. Read More

Bents Garden Centre

Bents Garden Centre

Please follow and like us: At first site Bents garden centre, in Glazebury near Warrington Cheshire, is one of your typical large garden centres selling furniture, clothes, shoes, food pet supplies oh and plants.  But there is more to it than that.  To start with 60% of the plants sold are grown in the site nursery.  Whilst the entrance to… Read More


Hosta Corner

Please follow and like us: During the last bank holiday I relaid the path curving it under the arch.  This had the effect of enlarging the side bed. The area has laid unplanted until today.   Looking around the garden I had noticed that a lot of plants were growing on top of each other partly due to… Read More


Lupins The Rocket Flowers

Please follow and like us: Lupins are one of the classic cottage garden flowers.  There towering flower spikes punctuating the borders like multi coloured rockets awaiting take off. Taking Care of your Lupins Lupins are fairly easy to take care of, plant in a sunny well drained area and off they go.  Feed a phosphorous… Read More

chocolate cream pie

Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

Please follow and like us: Chocolate cream pie. A pie filled with chocolate.  Sounds like every kids dream.  The inspiration to make this recipe was after watching Julie and Julia a film which interweaves the stories of Julia Child  and a New York blogger Julie Powell.   I have put this recipe together from several I found… Read More


Fathers Day Cacti

Please follow and like us: For Fathers Day my two sons gave me four cactus to add to my collection and a wooden box to display them in.  One of the cacti was far too large for the box and so was substituted with a couple of smaller cacti and a succulent I already had.  I had wanted to… Read More