The Shed Roof

Whilst visiting a Woodford Park Garden Center this morning. Elaine and I saw this shed with the planted roof.  It looks like a great use of space and certainly would look attractive if planted correctly.  Perhaps with trailing plants running over the side as in a hanging basket.  But would it dry out too quickly and… Read More

A Plan

I know I haven’t even bought the property yet but my mind is in overdrive.  Why cant I buy a house like I would a car or a loaf of bread.  I’m raring to go but have to wait for solicitors and searches etc.  I suspect even when all of this is complete I will have lots to do in the… Read More

A New Beginning

After 20 years of living in a terraced house with nothing more than a small back yard in which to grow anything, I am finally about to move into a new house with a proper garden.  Well hopefully, I may be a bit premature here as the purchase is still going through. My back yard complete with snow at… Read More