barley grass

Barley Grass

I have never been keen on grasses in my own garden. I have spent so  much time removing them from the borders I think that put me off.  However having seen the movement grasses can create either as part of a mixed border or in a border dedicated to grasses. I received a packet of… Read More


Lupins The Rocket Flowers

Lupins are one of the classic cottage garden flowers.  There towering flower spikes punctuating the borders like multi coloured rockets awaiting take off. Taking Care of your Lupins Lupins are fairly easy to take care of, plant in a sunny well drained area and off they go.  Feed a phosphorous rich fertilizer to encourage flowering… Read More

Fathers Day Cacti

For Fathers Day my two sons gave me four cactus to add to my collection and a wooden box to display them in.  One of the cacti was far too large for the box and so was substituted with a couple of smaller cacti and a succulent I already had.  I had wanted to create a mini garden for… Read More

Tomato Plants

This year I have limited the number of tomato plants to just six.  I have gone for 3 heritage varieties and 3 traditional. I was going to just go for the standard good yield tomatoes but when I went to get the plants there was an old couple having an argument over which to buy.  He never stopped smiling while… Read More

Fritillaria Meleagris

The Fritillaria Meleagris or snake head Fritillaria are now flowering in my garden and looking amazing.  A jewel in an English spring garden this is one of my favorite flowers. There checkerboard petals give this plant an exotic look but it is actually a native of the UK.  Once common in the pastures its is… Read More