Around The Garden – June – 2015

June has brought the rhododendron into flower.  Its hard to see the bush for the flowers.  These are, as always, attracting numerous bees.  There seem to be several different types of bees. I will try to photograph some of them.


The Pond

The water buttercup has collapsed as it always does and is covering half the pond. I will have to get into it and cut it back.  The iris (what is the plural of iris? irises?) are growing well and look much better since I cut them back last year.  It will be interesting to see how the clump I removed from the pond and planted at the side of the arch grow compared with the ones left in the pond.

Pond Side Bed

This bed is looking good although very green at the moment. The broom flowers are now coming to an end.but still add the green background and height to the border.  The lupins are sending up their flower spikes and the foxgloves at the back of the bed are growing well,  While the bluebells have now come to an end the white bells are lasting well.


Light Bed

The Pampas grass is growing much slower than expected so I have been considering adding a couple of other plants to this border.  I have a tray of fox tail barley I am growing from seed. which I believe will make a suitable companion.

Front Corner

The tree has finally been identified (Thanks Matt)  It is a Photinia red robin.  This bed is still over grown and needs sorting out.  The poppy in this bed is one of the stars of the garden at the moment.  There are 15 flower heads on the one plant !

Centre Bed

I am really pleased with how this bed is looking the Centaurea are looking really good this year. The aquilegia have been flowering for the last few weeks and are still looking great,  I will be saving the seed from these to increase their numbers.

Left Hand Bed

This bed is a mass of potential.  The alliums are just opening.  The delphiniums and holly hocks are making good progress.  The main colour is still from the forget me nots although the border is now framed at either end by purple Rhododendrons,
Vegetable Plot

The vegetable plot is very shaded so only greens have grown well here.  Having planted them the last couple of years I don’t want to grow them again in the same spot so I have left it empty  I am planning on changing the layout of this end of the garden by adding an arbour and a path to it which will change the layout of the plot so leaving it empty is not such a bad thing.
Green House

The green house is looking a lot better. Levelling the floor and adding the gravel has improved the look of the greenhouse.The tomatoes are growing well.  I will need to tie them up this weekend.  I have sown lettuce and rocket seed.  These are growing well. I cannot say the same for the pea shoot and the sunflowers, for some reason I only have one sunflower, out of 15 and non of the pea shoots have come up.

The Front Garden

The tree peony in the front garden is just coming to end of flowering.When I moved in it was just a stump and I was going to dig it up,  but it was one job I never got to the first year. The next spring the small amount of growth there was was covered in yellow flowers, so I have left it where it is.  I have started to plant a laurel hedge along the front wall.  I would like the hedge to grow about a foot above the wall so that there is a stripe of green above the wall when viewed from the front. This will add much needed colour to the view from the road.  I have started to turn the rest of the garden over but there was a lot of rubble in the garden so it has been a slow job.
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We moved into this house in 2013. At that time the garden was a blank canvas, This blog is a scrapbook of my gardening journey. Something I can look back on and remember the highs and lows, something that perhaps other people will enjoy reading and hopefully commenting on along the way.

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