Around The Garden March

Looking around the  garden this month it is all looking a little ragged after a degree of neglect last year as well as chicken damage.    I will deal with the former Mr Fox dealt with the later.  There is a lot of cutting back needed.   My garden lacks winter interest.  The pampas grass in the light bed looks really good but not a lot else.  The lawn is in bad condition and will need some work over the coming year.  Hopefully this is the worst my garden will look.

The honeysuckle and clematis on the first arch needs cutting back as soon as possible.  Last year I left it too late and a bird  built its nest so it couldn’t be cut back. The two raised beds have always had herbs in but this year I plan to put summer bulbs here.  This will help brighten up the patio.

the overgrown arch

The Arch

The Light Bed


Pampas Grass in the Light Bed

Pampas Grass

The light bed is now completely dominated by the pampas grass.  I cant remember the variety but it is a miniature version. It looks good next to the lamp.  This is the one bit of winter interest in the whole garden.  See what it looked like when I planted this one in my barley grass post

I don’t really want to move the pampas grass but it is starting to cover the path.

The Corner Bed

This isn’t really a bed any more either.  It completely dominated by the   Photinia Red Robin.  To the extent some of the lawn has died away.  Pruning is definitely required.  I want to turn this back into a flower bed with the Photinia as a centre piece.

Perhaps  cutting this back to a standard and then adding bedding plants into the bed.  This is one of the spots where the grass has been killed off by the overhanging branches.

The  Pond Side Border

I know from last year there is huge bed of nettles that needs removing from this bed.  I will get these dug out over the next month.

There was only one fish left in the pond he is now is a large tank in the house.  He has more room in there then in the pond and the frogs and newts can have the pond to themselves.


 Centre Bed

messy garden

a mess

This has become dominated by a self seeded budlea which needs cutting right back or removing completely.  I haven’t decided yet.  The centurea is coming through but not a lot else happening here yet.  There are two gooseberry bushes at the back of the bed which look in good health.


Left Hand Bed

This one is in serious need of some TLC over the coming month.  Height is needed in the border.  I shall see how this develops There are some plants at he far end of the bed that will have to move to make room for the new chicken house.  Mr Fox will not win or grow fat at the expense of any more of my chickens.

The Rockery

The rockery is completely over grown with raspberry canes which are coming from next doors garden.  These are a real pain.  They come up in the lawn and in the borders.  I have cut them all down but I think I will have to dismantal the rockery and dig them all out.  I have never known raspberry canes be so invasive.

Green House

The green house is on its last legs.  The cover has perished and there are now a few holes.  I have decided I will use it this year and then get rid.  If I manage to keep it going all year I will  look to invest in a proper glass green house next year.  It was in need of a tidy up from the end of last year which has now been done.  I have put together a couple of planters for the front of the house.  Nothing special just a Cordyline austrailis in the centre of each and a few primulas and pansies.  These are currently in the greenhouse awaiting an end to the bad weather.

As can be seen below Pol has inspected everything.



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We moved into this house in 2013. At that time the garden was a blank canvas, This blog is a scrapbook of my gardening journey. Something I can look back on and remember the highs and lows, something that perhaps other people will enjoy reading and hopefully commenting on along the way.

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