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During the last bank holiday I relaid the path curving it under the arch.  This had the effect of enlarging the side bed. The area has laid unplanted until today.   Looking around the garden I had noticed that a lot of plants were growing on top of each other partly due to my inability to remember what was where back at the start of spring before everything had begun to emerge.  Most effected were the hostas.  I have recently seem a few borders planted with a lot of hostas together which I think is an excellent way to show them off. So despite the warm weather I took the opportunity to relocate some of the hostas in to the new area.  This area is now the hosta bed.


I waited until the are of the garden was in shade.  both for the hostas sake and mine. Everything was well watered before moving and after the move.


When I relaid the curve in the path I did so by leaving large triangular gaps between the slabs.  at the time i wasnt sure what I was going to do with these spaces (planting opportunities)  Whilst at a nursery a few weeks ago I was looking through the herbs and saw a creeping red thyme and camomile. Perfect.


These have been sat in the poly tunnel waiting to be planted as while laying the path I broke one of the slabs.  But I decided to plant what I could and put the rest in once I have a fresh slab.  I am a little concened about the sand I laid the pathing on effecting the plants but digging a bit more of the gaps out and filling them with a compost and horticultural sand mix I am hoping  will limit the effect.


Now the only problem now is how do I get my wheelbarrow back to the bottom of the garden?

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We moved into this house in 2013. At that time the garden was a blank canvas, This blog is a scrapbook of my gardening journey. Something I can look back on and remember the highs and lows, something that perhaps other people will enjoy reading and hopefully commenting on along the way.


  1. I love hostas but so many look bedraggled after the slugs have been at them, yours don’t look to have that problem at all. I think camomile and thyme will look fabulous growing between the slabs.

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