The Joy of Chickens

I have been keeping chickens for just over twelve months. During this time I have really enjoyed sharing my garden with them although at times I have been know to curse them.

Chicken scratching on  the lawn
Here we have the chickens looking well behaved scratching around in the middle of the lawn. How ever you turn your back for five minutes and one has found the bare flower bed and is enjoying a dust bath, scattering soil over the lawn and path.


Chickens taking a dust bath

This is quickly followed by a second. (The camouflage didn’t help, I still saw her)

Chickens taking a dust bath
My chickens have a fairly large run but I let them out into the main garden,  Each has its own character and once they are out these character really come out.
However they are not always well behaved.
  • Small plants can be trampled or dug up when they are scratching around.
  • They will try to eat most plants.
  • They got into my compost heap at the start of the year and spread it over the lawn looking for worms and bugs.
  • Using a hoe will quickly attract them. making weeding a challenge.

So why keep chickens?

  • They lay eggs.
  • If contained to an empty border they will root out all the bugs and a lot of the weed seeds.
  • The manure makes a brilliant activator for your compost heap.
  • They are characters and having them following you around the garden nosing into what ever you are doing is a joy. ¬†Most of the time.
Chickens taking a dust bath
Do you keep mischievous chickens or are they well behaved?
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We moved into this house in 2013. At that time the garden was a blank canvas, This blog is a scrapbook of my gardening journey. Something I can look back on and remember the highs and lows, something that perhaps other people will enjoy reading and hopefully commenting on along the way.


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