Rhubarb Crumble

There isn’t much to eat from the garden at the moment.  The Rhubarb however has been growing well.  Rhubarb is a great crop to grow in those areas of the garden that don’t get much sun. I have a couple of varieties growing.  The variety used here is Timperly early.  We probably all cooked a… Read More

Fritillaria Meleagris

The Fritillaria Meleagris or snake head Fritillaria are now flowering in my garden and looking amazing.  A jewel in an English spring garden this is one of my favorite flowers. There checkerboard petals give this plant an exotic look but it is actually a native of the UK.  Once common in the pastures its is… Read More

1 Bedroom House to Let

Description We are pleased to offer this immaculately presented’starter home.  Great location situated to the side of my garden  Benefits from a full width window and an elevated location allowing a  panoramic view over the garden.  Must be seen to be appreciated.  This one room home is a unique opportunity and would suit a young couple… Read More

Out of Hibernation

Today I have heard the first calls of that winter hibernator, the lawn mower. A sunny April Sunday brought the ‘dulcet tones’ drifting over the fence from a neighboring garden. The call was quickly answered by others, they are clearly sociable creatures as the first song always receives a quick reply. Its distant cousin the… Read More

A Friendship Garden

I first heard the term friendship garden whilst watching Beechgrove Gardens on BBC iplayer.  It was used to refer to a garden which was created using donations of plants from the owners friends.  Then after a few years the owners had enough plants to start reciprocating and provide friends new and old with plants from their… Read More


After the rain. A mud splashed daffodil Officially spring arrived last week. The days are now longer than the nights.  Unofficially it is definitely here with the spring bulbs bursting into flower. The magnolia blossom on my neighbors tree looks particularly stunning at the moment. Although there is not much to show for it in… Read More